Morning Glory Movie Review

Morning Glory Movie Review

One of this fall’s upcoming movies, “Morning Glory”, is a slightly entertaining romantic comedy with a funny script that is lit up by the likeability of Rachel McAdams. Too bad the movie is brought down by the filmmakers. The filmmakers almost ruin the film with their attempt to beat it into viewer’s heads.

Rachel McAdams plays Becky Fuller in this new movie release, a television news producer who tries to hide her ambition and intelligence behind her smile and some choreographed silliness that includes stammering and fluttering. Aline Brosh McKenna is responsible for the gooey screenplay. Roger Michell makes it more sickening every chance he gets.

When the new movie opens, Becky is the producer of a morning television show in New Jersey. But things go badly and she loses her job and ends up picking up a better job in New York, courtesy of Jeff Goldblum who plays an exec with a morning show that consistently ranks in last place. All of a sudden Becky, all shiny and new, is taking the misery out of the morning show “Daybreak.”

This movie picture is full of sit-com type characters. The characters who work at “Daybreak” never seem to do much but wisecrack and yell at each other. On her first day on the job Becky manages to stop all the silliness and get those characters working. She even fires a host.

J.J. Abrams who was one of the creators of “Lost,” was one of the producers of “Morning Glory.” It’s too bad that he couldn’t do for “Morning Glory” what he did for “Lost.”

Aline Brosh McKenna gets some really great laughs into the script and then bogs them down with boring filler about Becky’s romance with Adam, played by Patrick Wilson and her relationship with her new anchor, Mike Pomeroy, played boozily and gruffly by Harrison Ford.

Morning Glory” is so persistently upbeat that it’s obnoxious. Whether this is director Roger Michell’s fault or not is hard to tell. It is obvious that Michell does well with the actors. Both Ford and Diane Keaton, in her role as co-anchor slide easily into their characters with Michell’s help.

Rachel McAdams, is as expected, extremely good in her role. She’s a natural. The problem is that she isn’t getting the great roles yet. She’s playin 21st century ingénue roles. Her acting is reminiscent of that of Holly Hunter more than 20 years ago.

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