How To Watch Movies Online – Futubox Review

If Netflix and Hulu have taught us anything, movies and TV watching are heading for the internet and they are not leaving anytime soon. More and more people from kids in college dorms to everyday people at home are watching their movies and TV through internet websites, engines and online services like Netflix.

Now there’s Futubox, a more comprehensive list of TV shows and movies, as well as compiling TV guides to give your local TV schedules right to your digital doorstep at the click of a button. From a film lover myself, the site has a very interesting organization system. Every kind of genre, TV type and label you could come up with for a show has a place on the Futubox.
Action, horror, documentaries, children’s programming, adult entertainment, sports, news, music and all other types of genres and various features are offered at the click of a button.


Futubox Genre selection tabFutubox Genre selection tab

The quality of the picture is beautiful (click here to evaluate Futubox quality), it does take time to load and the system structuring its running time/buffering is a bit slower than expected but it’s due to the excellent (HD) quality of the media so it’s more or less one of those “worth the wait” kind of things.
Probably the most interesting feature is the use of “watch later”, “my channels” and “recommended” buttons on the control panel.

Futubox control panelFutubox control panel - very easy to use

Much like Youtube, these button options make personalization much easier and make accessing your favorite shows and subject content a snap. I was really impressed at the ease and use of these buttons, the design is nice and simple and everything is very well organized with zero difficulty of finding or accessing whatever you want to locate.


select languageChannels in four different languages

From a film fan’s point of view, this service is much easier to access and work with than other online services I have used or tried to use, it's not only live high definition TV you can also stream movies and shows that Futubox record for you (which is just an awesome feature in my opinion).
I also liked the fact that you don't have to watch Futubox on their website, you can easily download an M3U playlist and play it on supporting devices like smartphones, tablets, streamers, Apple TV, Mac & Smart TV sets.


Futubox M3U playlistFutubox M3U playlist options

I think movie lovers will find this Futubox system easier to work and less complicated with no difficulty finding whatever show or movie or you want to find in the best kind of quality picture and sound.

In addition, it’s simple yet features a complex variety of assorted genres, the channel guide viewer is very handy and everything is designed with a user friendly, easy to understand, simple set up that makes movie and TV watching a collective breeze and it’s something I am most interested in seeing more of, as should you.
Here's a short trailer i got from Futubox:

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