My Soul to Take Movie Review

My Soul to Take Movie Review

This upcoming movie is a 3D movie but just barely. This new movie release is also a poorly done horror movie that’s hardly worth the price of admission.

What’s most disappointing about My Soul to Take, which is so bad that it didn’t even rate a screening for critics, is that it’s the first written and directed project by Wes Craven since his critically acclaimed “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare”, released in 1994. He’s also the director of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Scream”, and other classics in the horror genre.

The fact that’s in 3D is going to cost moviegoers more than an average movie and the 3D is barely noticeable.

The opening is good. Riverton Ripper, serial killer, is introduced and then promptly killed – right after he tries to kill his family. Now the movie skips sixteen years.

In this part of the movie we meet a group called the Riverton Seven. They are seven local teenagers who were all born on the day of Ripper’s death. It seems that one of them may be evil and be in possession of Ripper’s soul. Each of the group suffers a horrible murder perpetrated by a strange killer whose face we never see. The biggest suspect is Bug, played by member of the movies cast, Max Thieriot. He appears to be mentally disturbed and obsessed with California condors.

Bug is no rival for Freddy Krueger and “My Soul to Take” doesn’t have the style and wit of “Nightmare on Elm Street” or “Scream”. Craven does try to inject some of his famous humor into the movie but falls flat on his face. The scene that’s most notable is his attempt to mimic a classic mirror routine performed in “Duck Soup” by the Marx Brothers.

Towards the end this movie just gets heavier and heavier. The action slows to nothing but confusing talk. The teen actors are dull, although Theiriot tries his best.

Craven makes the mistake of showing a clip from Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” at one point. This only points out how truly bad “My Soul to Take” really is.

Rent one of Craven’s old DVDs. It will be money better spent.

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