No Strings Attached Movie Review

No Strings Attached Movie Review

This new movie release just barely makes it. It’s a little bit too cute and quite a bit too predictable. You would expect a movie about two friends with benefits to be a little “hotter.” No Strings Attached is a little bit too tame.

Natalie Portman works awfully hard to keep this upcoming movie from sinking. In the past she’s avoided this type of romantic comedy and she has to work darned hard in this one. Ashton Kutcher is playing the same character he always plays. This R-rated movie picture ought to do all right at the box office as a date night movie or a chick flick.

Five years ago, director Ivan Reitman directed “My Super Ex-Girlfriend,” and hasn’t been heard from since. He tends to look a little creaky and out of practice, especially at the beginning of this one of the year’s early new movies. He’s klutzy in his exposure of the fact that Emma, played by Portman, and Adam, played by Kutcher, have been possible bed buddies since he propositioned her fifteen years before.

Now both of them are adults and living in LA. Emma is in med school and Adam writes for a show that’s similar to “Glee.” Adam gets drunk when he learns that his girlfriend is having a fling with his father, ex television personality, Alvin, who’s played by Kevin Kline. The next morning Adam wakes up nude in Emma’s apartment. Adam and Emma finally “get together” and Emma suggests that they have regular sex sessions but that they don’t get romantically involved.

The difference in the script by Elizabeth Meriwether is that it’s Adam who wants to get serious, not Emma. She’s already got an 80 hour a week work schedule and claims to be bad at relationships. Meriwether, along with Reitman, avoid anything too passionate and instead go for goofy positions and silly locations. If nothing else, the attractive Portman and Kutcher will be a pleasure to watch in No Strings Attached.

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