Ong Bak 3 Movie Review

Ong Bak 3 Movie Review

New movie release, “Ong Bak 3,” gives a synopsis of events in “Ong Bak 3,” at the beginning of the movie. The best section of “Ong Bak 3” is now the best section in “Ong Bak 2.” The part referred to is when Tony Jaa, Thai star of martial arts, runs right up the face of an elephant!

This upcoming movie, the final in the trilogy, has plenty of muay kotchasarn – which is Thai for what we would call “elephant boxing.” The problem with Jaa is that, as the budgets for his movies have improved, the quality of his movies has fallen. “Ong Bak” got excellent movie reviews. It was full of screwy charm and amazing stunts. “Ong Bak 2” is just bloody and brutal and the third is worse than the second.

The story of movie picture “Ong Bak 3” is hard to follow. It’s about a rebel prince fighting with evil demons and lords and has something to do with the history of Thailand. It’s not quite as bloody as the second movie. There’s a very long section in the middle of the movie where the rebel prince (Tien) has some sort of Buddhist cure where he’s rendered comatose and covered in mud. If not for this non-bloody piece of the movie, there would surely be more gore. It’s too bad that Tony Jaa has no directorial or acting talents, although he’s good at choreographing fight scenes. He and Panna Rittikrai wrote the film and directed it together. Watching Jaa spin around and jump off elephants is entertaining. Other than that, it’s a snooze.

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