Operation Endgame Movie Review

Operation Endgame Movie Review

What a dumb film this upcoming movie is! What makes the movie worth watching? Monkia Mikkelson, casting director, has done one fabulous job in assembling the movies cast. She has pieced together an enormously entertaining cast including Zach Galifianakis, Ellen Barkin, Ving Rhames, Jeffrey Tambor, Rob Dorddry, Emilie de Ravin, Adam Scott, Bob Odenkirk, Maggie Q and others. Despite the great cast, If you want to see this box office movie while holding a box of theater popcorn in a nice air conditioned theater, go see it as soon as you can. Operation Endgame is heading to a video store near you ASAP.

The problem here is a weak, weak, weak, action comedy premise. Okay, get this: there are two groups of government assassins who are all named after Tarot cards (you know - that deck of cards with figures on each card used by fortune tellers?) Then the two teams decide to begin shooting each other down in the basement of a government building during President Obama’s inauguration.

The action starts when “The Fool”, played by Joe Anderson, murders the boss, played by Jeffrey Tambor, right out of the box. This immediately leads to lots of violence including gory killing after gory killing, each by different and inventive means that are so disgusting that security guards watching the action on security cameras become sick.

Sam Levinson is the screenwriter and he has done little beside provide a seemingly bottomless pit of amazingly dirty exchanges between the various members of the movies cast. Rob Corddry is particularly effective here, playing his trademark jackass character with aplomb.

Watching the marvelous cast may make the forking over of that ten spot a little less painful. Lots of the cast members are really good but the movie just isn’t good enough to allow their acting to shine the way that it should. Ellen Barkin is great in her sexy comedic role, proving she still has that allure that has been keeping her afloat in movies for years. Jeffrey Tambor and Bob Odenkirk are sadly underemployed in "Operation Endgame".

The movie opened on July 16th and is a production of Anchor Bay Entertainment. The director is Fouad Mikati. It was produced by Sean McKittrick, Michael Ohoven and Kevin Turen. Executive producers are Chadwick Clough, Jeff Culotta, Albert T. Dickinson III, Ted Hamm and Bill Johnson. Other cast members include Odette Yustman, Michael Hancock and Brandon T. Jackson. The movie is rated R and plays for 82 minutes.

It really has to be a hot day and you really must want to go to the theater to bother seeing Operation Endgame. Save a few bucks and wait until it’s out on DVD. Or better yet, wait until it hits cable channels everywhere.

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