Paranormal Activity 2 Movie Review

Paranormal Activity 2 Movie Review

This would be movie sequel is more like a do-over than a sequel. It’s as if it takes all the good stuff in the first movie and just does it all over again.

This new movie release was the cause of a lot of boos during the end of its first screening which makes one think that it may not be much of a successful box office movie.

Like the first movie in the series, “Paranormal Activity 2”, being billed as a prequel, is entirely filmed with a home video camera and surveillance movie tape. It brings back one of the characters and follows the exact same story lines as the first movie.

The action in the upcoming movie takes place in the California home of Daniel, played by Brian Boland and his wife Kristi, played by Sprague Grayden. Kristi is the sister of Katie, played by Katie Featherston, of the original movie. Molly Ephraim plays Daniel and Kristi’s daughter Ali and there’s a toddler son, Hunter.

Their home is broken into for no apparent reason and then surveillance cameras are installed around the house. There’s a long period of time in this movie when we watch the family going about their routine business until we suddenly see strange things begin to happen.

Most of these things are pretty unexciting: the family dog barks for no good reason, a frying pan falls off its hanger and the pool cleaner goes haywire.

The director of “Paranormal Activity 2” does a great job of tightening the tension in this movie on the new movies list, keeping the audience biting their fingernails until it becomes really terrifying.

Unfortunately, if you’ve seen the first movie, you know what’s going to happen in this one.

None of the new characters manage to keep the viewers attention like the cast of the first movie did. Finally the movie ends in a story of possession by demons. It seems a little extreme after the events that lead up to the big finale.

Go see the first movie Paranormal Activity again.

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