Paul Movie Review

Paul Movie Review

Universal’s new movie, “Paul,” is chockfull of references to comic book characters and science fiction movies. This new movie release is comic, full of action, and an affectionate spoof of science fiction films.

This one of the new movies playing now was written by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, who also act in it, and it’s witty, inventive, and full of pizzazz. Pegg wrote Shaun of the Dead, a zombie movie spoof, with Edgar Wright as well as Hot Fuzz.

This movie picture is full of great jokes, loads of clever interludes, and a story that’s almost human. Fans of this genre are going to be thrilled with its attention to detail. “Paul” is also going to be a favorite with people who don’t usually like this genre. People are going to want to see this movie repeatedly, keeping box office numbers high.

Pegg plays Graeme in the film and Frost plays Clive, best friends from England who are engaged in their trip of a lifetime to the United States. It starts at Comic-Con in San Diego which is the beginning of their tour of the most famous sites of UFO sightings in America.

Graeme and Clive are friendly and innocent and love Comic-Con. Jeffrey Tambor is excellent here as an older creator of comics. Graeme and Clive head to the desert in an RV. Here they meet Paul on the Extraterrestrial Highway.

Seth Rogen is the voice of Paul. Paul is a relaxed extraterrestrial who’s fond of smoking weed. He’s running away from an American agency that’s kept him as a prisoner for sixty years. Paul persuades Graeme and Clive to take him someplace where he can catch a ride back to his home planet.

The bad guys in “Paul” are rednecks, men wearing black, and right-wing Christians. There are quite a few strange characters in the west, according to the writers. Sigourney Weaver heads up the agency that wants to study Paul’s brain and Jason Bateman is her henchman.

Kristen Wiig is an RV camp clerk who recites scripture and gets “saved” by Paul’s wisdom and the love of Graeme. Wiig’s father, played by John Carroll Lynch, totes a Bible and a shotgun. There are also some cowboys who drive trucks and some agents after Paul.

The cinematography of Lawrence Sher and the score by David Arnold is kept smart and witty by director Gregg Mattola who’s known for “Superbad” and “Adventureland.” Paul is a great CGI creation – with a big head, big eyes, and long, skinny limbs.

Pegg has become a well known star with his mixture of innocence and street wise ways. Frost has great timing, although his slacker ways can get a little boring. He’s great in the gags that center around the possibility that the duo might be gay.

Rogen shows great delivery as the voice of Paul and Wiig is sweet and pretty on her way to becoming a young lady with a dirty mouth.

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