Piranha 3D Movie Review

Piranha 3D Movie Review

The new movie release, Piranha 3D, is just plain bloody, gory, fun! There have been lots of 3D movies involving animals, ogres and even hip-hop dancing but piranhas….? Director Alexandre Aja just about gets things right with the help of a cast that really seems to be having fun and with the help of some CG magic.

The target of this R-rated movie is a young male audience and the movie reviews that “piranha” is sure to get will bring that audience right into theaters to see this upcoming movie.

Aja has a good time spoofing “Jaws” in the first scene of Piranha 3D. Who should be the drunken guy out fishing on his boat but Richard Dreyfuss – the guy we all think will be the piranhas’ first meal in the movie.

Back to Lake Victoria where Jerry O’Connell plays a character who is videotaping babes in bikinis and Elisabeth Shue plays the town’s sheriff.

While the sheriff is trying to figure out why there’s so much blood in the waters of Lake Victoria, her son, played by Steven McQueen, the grandson of Steve McQueen, is watching his siblings. When Jerry O’Connell shows up and asks him to scout locations, the sheriff’s son happily complies, leaving the kids unwatched.

Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger’s script is full of fun. The movie is also full of gore, enhanced by the talents of special effects guys Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger who have come up with lots of partially eaten human body parts!

While this movie is very entertaining, the 3D was really unnecessary. The movie would have been entertaining without it. The cast, which includes Ving Rhames and Christopher Lloyd is top shelf and the tongue in cheek script will keep you chuckling.

“Piranha” is rated R and runs for 82 minutes.

Get down to your local theater, grab a box of popcorn, and spend a hot late summer afternoon cooling down and watching this movie on August’s new movies list.

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