Priest Movie Review

Priest Movie Review

There have been a lot of new movies about monsters lately that have been pretty mediocre, but upcoming moviePriest” is going to be a vampire movie blockbuster. It’s a post- apocalyptic adventure film, headed up by star Paul Bettany and directed by Scott Charles Stewart (“Legion”), and is about a special order of priests who battle vampires for the human race but are not appreciated for their efforts. Movie Picture “Priest” is going to do pretty well at the box office, as it’s in competition with “Fast Five,” “Thor,” and the movie most worth of competition, “Bridesmaids.” Eventually it’ll be found in releases on DVD for those who enjoy monster movies.

Priest is played by Paul Bettany. Priest is a priest turned ditch digger in a society of the future where the church runs the world like an overlord. When Priest is asked by an outlander by the name of Hicks, played by Cam Gigandet, to help find Priest’s niece Lucy, played by Lily Collins, Priest goes against the church to find the vampires that have kidnapped Lucy. Once the church finds out what Priest is up to, they send a gang of priests, including a priestess, played by Maggie Q, with whom Priest has had an intimate relationship in the past.

New movie release “Priest” is the vampire version of John Ford’s The Searchers, a classic western. Directors Stewart and Cory Goodman have used a little bit of an original comic by Min-Woo Hyung, but for the most part, “Priest” is an update of Ford’s film. They, like Ford, are good at describing what happens when civilization is impacted by savage hordes, this movie is really an action movie.

Some of the movies’ dramatic momentum is cut short because some scenes come too early and some too late. Bettany has constant nightmares about a vampire hive so his return to that hive should be at the climax of the movie, not randomly stuck in the middle. With this mistake, Goodman and Stewart make the movie seem insubstantial. The film needs more action after an assault on a moving train but the movie ends, as does the action.

Paul Bettany is a good bet as an action star with his tall, charismatic good looks. Covering him in black and hiding his feelings seems silly. He’s only in his element when playing against Maggie Q., whose sinuous physicality seems meant for this kind of a role. The two of them give depth to the longing that flickers between the characters. Priest’s biggest mistake is that it takes itself too seriously – the characters are way too unhappy.

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