Prom Movie Review

Prom Movie Review

Walt Disney’s “Prom” bears no resemblance to real high school, nor is it particularly creative. It’s a good natured new movie release with a solid group of kids in the cast. Actors in this new movie, like Aimee Teegarden and Thomas McDonell, are perky and fresh. In fact, most of the actors are very young.

Movie picture “Prom” was written by Katie Wech and the director is Joe Nussbaum. It’s all about the last few weeks prior to the prom. Aimee Teegarden plays Nova, a girl to whom the prom means everything. She’s not only the class president but the organizer of the prom and a big believer in school spirit. When a fire ruins the decorations and props, she takes it badly.

The school’s principal assigns Jesse, the school’s bad boy, played by Thomas McDonell, to help her rebuild. You can tell that Jesse is a bad boy because not only does he sport long hair, but he rides a motorcycle! Nova and Jesse hate each other – a feeling that often seems to lead to romance. Jesse even literally gasps when Jesse removes his shirt to show off his six-pack.

In other parts of the upcoming movie, “Prom,” the beautiful, dark-haired, Simone, played by Danielle Campbell, can’t decide between sporty senior, Tyler, played by DeVaughn Nixon, and Lucas, played byNolan Sotillo, Simone’s lab partner in chemistry. He’s a junior like Simone. Tyler already has a girlfriend, Jordan, played by Kylie Bunbury. Mei, played by Yin Chang, is trying to tell her boyfriend, Justin, played by Jared Kusnitz, that she’s leaving the state to go to college.

There are also a bunch of gags like a shy senior, played by Nicholas Braun, trying to ask a girl to the prom and a student, played by Joe Adler, who seems to have invented his prom date.

There are lots of overheard conversations and things move along quickly so as to have lots of happy endings at the end of the movie. This is definitely a Disney movie where teen life revolves around getting good grades and a dream date.

Teegarden and McDonell do really well in their parts, making one think that Disney could have gone out on a limb a little with the plot. The screenplay doesn’t do these two, or any of the other young actors, justice. Things are just a little too clean and tidy in Nussbaum’s movie.

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