Rango Movie Review

Rango Movie Review

This upcoming movie stars Johnny Depp as the voice of the title character. It’s a witty, smart picture, directed by Gore Verbinski who also directed “Pirates of the Caribbean.” This sagebrush drama is amazingly clever and has more than enough wit. “Rango” is Verbinski’s take on a spaghetti western with chameleons. The style borders on surrealism. A lot of the lines, as well as the references to classic films, will be over the heads of the kids who will flock to see new movie “Rango.” New movie release, “Rango,” may be more popular with mom and dad than it is with the kids.

This movie picture seems like a lark – a real joy for any lover of films. Director Verbinski is joined by some extremely talented help including technical magicians from Industrial Light + Magic (this is their first animated film) and some of the effects people from “Pirates” as well as Roger Deakins, visual consultant. He made the picture look as if it could have been shot rather than animated.

This one of the year’s best new movies is about a quiet little chameleon who claims to have been a gunslinger in the past and then has to live up to his claims. He is thrust into the role of sheriff in a town called Dirt. The head of Dirt is an aging tortoise. He has control of the water supply of the town which conveniently provides an ecology theme for the kids watching and is also reminiscent of the movie “Chinatown.”

Viewers are going to know right away that “Rango” is not your average animated movie. It starts out with a conversation between the usually blue Rango and an armadillo, voiced by Alfred Molina, who will remind viewers of Don Quixote. The armadillo is flat in the middle, having been run over by a truck. This part of the movie is quite strange – some of what Rango says goes so quickly that many won’t catch it all.

Rango is led through the desert by a mariachi band of owls and runs into a lizard named Beans, voiced by Isla Fisher. He and she stumble upon Dirt, which is full of an assortment of very thirsty creatures who aren’t going to make it for long unless they get water. Ned Beatty voices the mayor of Dirt and promises that things are looking up in Dirt and tries to get Rango in on on his schemes, my making him sheriff. Rango improves on his already inflated image by killing a huge hawk with a metal beak.

The biggest bad guy in this movie is, of course, the mayor. He’s been hanging onto the water supply so it’s available to him after he buys the land around for almost nothing. Bill Nighy voices his helper, Rattlesnake Jake, who has a Gatling gun instead of a rattle.

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