Real Steel Movie Review

Real Steel Movie Review

New movie release Real Steel is a sort of “Rocky” played by robots. Audiences will be standing in the aisles cheering! This science fiction upcomingmovie takes place in a time when human boxing is outlawed. A boy named Max, played by Dakota Goyo, a relationship works at having a relationship with his father, Charlie, played by Hugh Jackman. He’s a former heavyweight contender, an impulsive guy with bad luck. Underneath all of the hoopla is a heart full of emotion that has made boxing movies work for eons. Family movies are doing very well this fall and this family movie is going to be a knockout at the box office.

The boxing underdog theme has been done over and over again by Sylvester Stallone with his Rocky movies. But there’s always a new twist on a theme. Shawn Levy Director’s twist is that his story is set in the year 2020 when the boxing ring belongs to giant robots. Charlie Kenton (Jackman) is in the humiliating position of a contender who is downgraded to hustling robots in any fight he can find. And his fighters are kind of a junk pile. Then his son Max shows up. Charlie barely knows Max but Max is a lot like dear old dad. Max finds a robo-boxer named Atom who’s almost worn out, rehabilitates him, and gets him into a fight with Zeus, the World Robot Boxing League champion.

Inmovie pictureReal Steel, Max shows the worth of the Atom and repairs his relationship with his father at the same time, making the new movie, at its core, a father-son picture and about redemption as well. Director Levy does an excellent job of giving the movie real weight and scope. Unlike movies like Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Real Steal isn’t just about the robots. When “Real Steel” is compared to “Transformers,”Real Steellooks all the better – it’s a human interest story.

John Gatins screenplay is based on traditional fight films and family stories. The movie is inspired by a short story by Richard Matheson entitled “Steel.” It was the inspiration for a 30 minute long Twilight Zone espisode which viewed in 1963. It starred Lee Marvin as the real boxer in a robot boxer world. That’s the basis of the new movie but the father-son story and character Max is all new. Goyo presents an amazing performance since his discovery at an open audition in Toronto. Jackman is also excellent. Hope Davis and Evangeline Lilly have small roles as Jackman’s wife and ex-wife but the real love story is about a father and his son. The cinematography is terrific. Real Steelis going to be a real box office winner.

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