REC 2 Movie Review

REC 2 Movie Review

One of this season’s new movie titles, [REC] 2, is a Spanish made movie and a movie sequel to the Spanish smash hit a couple of seasons ago that was reworked and then called “Quarantine” here in the US. With the popularity of other sci-fi movies that feature vampires and werewolves you would think that you would be in for a great evening of chills and thrills. Not so.

Spain is certainly not overcoming the United States in the zombie movie genre with this one. "[REC] 2" has a very B movie air about it and not to the good of the movie, either. It takes place in a cheap apartment building that has been losing residents at an alarming rate. It turns out that these same residents are being changed into zombies for no apparent reason. These same new zombie residents like to turn up without notice. The movie is filmed much like “The Blair Witch Project”. The movie was filmed as if the videographer was using a handheld camcorder. In fact, the movie is supposedly filmed by a cameraman you don’t see, soldiers who are wearing cams on their helmets and a bunch of teenagers who want to film everything the cameraman and policemen do. Improbable as all of this seems, the movie does fill one with a certain feeling of dread. You never know when one of those bloodthirsty fellows is going to leap onto the screen in search of yet another victim.

So, this upcoming movie, [REC] 2, is pretty much like every zombie movie. There’s a whole lot of blood and guts zombie attacks with all of the accompanying screaming and gore. Jonathan Mellor is a member of the movies cast who plays a priest who is disguised as a doctor from the health ministry. Mellor provides a sort of “Exorcist” type of explanation for all of the horrific events in the movie. The action, in this rather pathetic addition to the new movies list of this summer, starts right where the original movie ended and doesn’t do much to add anything to the original story. The movie is very repetitive but manages to let you know that a sequel is in the offing. But with all the promise of a sequel, you don’t get the feeling that anything will be better or different than in the first two.

Co-directors Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero exhibit lots of technical knowhow. They also are co-writers of the movie with Manu Diez. Other members of the cast include Oscar Sanchez Zafra, Ariel Casas, Alejandro Casaseca , Pablo Rosso, Manuela Velasco, Pau Poch, Andrea Ros and Alex Batllori. The movie is rated R and the length is 84 minutes.

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