Red Movie Review

Red Movie Review

Red is another upcoming movie based on a comic. The casting is a little uncomfortable and there’s the occasional joke. A little bit of humor and a nod to romance keep it from being too “comic-y.”

This movie on the new movies list is all about a group of CIA agents who have to come out of retirement and go back into action. Members of the movies cast include Morgan Freeman (Joe – resident of an old age home), Bruce Willis (Frank - living in suburbia) and Mary Louise Parker, who plays an operator at a help desk and the object of Frank’s affections, although he’s never met her.

This new movie release has Frank coming out of retirement and going on the run, kidnapping Mary Louise Parker to keep her safe, and getting all of his old CIA buddies back in action. They need to find out why someone is trying to kill them.

Jon and Erich Hoeber, screenwriters, make every attempt to freshen up this genre and Robert Schwentke has filled the movie “Red” with plenty of action.

It’s the actors that save this movie, though. Bruce Willis probably fits his character the best. Mary Louise Parker is funny and flirtatious in her role of the kidnapped help desk girl.

There are some very cartoony performances, like that of John Malkovich, which fit right in with the movies ideas of how being a spy used to be. But the actors keep the spirit of the film high.

Go see “Red” for the acting!

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