Reign of Assassins Movie Review

Reign of Assassins Movie Review

This amazing martial arts upcoming movie stars Mchelle Yeoh and Jung Woo-Sung, both superstars of Asian movies. Reign of Assassins is full of fantasy, swordplay, aerial fighting and even includes humor and a beautifully romantic ending. This box office movie is a visual thrill and will appeal to both fans of the martial arts and fans of art movies. The director is Su Chao-Pin of “Silk” fame and the genre director is John Woo.

The movie opens with an animated credit sequence that is a delightful taste of the fantasy in this film on the new movies list. The next part of the film is very fast and hard to follow and viewers will feel that they don’t know what’s going on. They shouldn’t worry though as the cast and story will become clear as the Reign of Assassins progresses.

The opening of this one of the movies playing now centers around the body of an Indian monk which has mystical properties that offer control of the entire world of martial arts to he or she who possesses the remains. The first fight sequence is over the possession of this monk’s body. There is a group called the Dark Stone Gang that wants these remains. The worst assassin in this group is a girl named Drizzle who is played by Kelly Lin. She is beautiful and has been trained by the leader of the gang, Wheel King. Before the film even begins Drizzle has killed a very important minister as well as his son. She also kills her lover, a monk named Wisdom, but is so upset by his death that she makes the decision to leave the gang.

The queen of kung fu, Michelle Yeoh, of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, plays Drizzle after Drizzle has plastic surgery to make herself look older. She changes her name to Zeng Jing and moves to a house in the city and becomes a cloth seller, attracting a messenger boy named Ah-Sheng, who is played by Korean Jung Woo-Sung, who falls in love with her. This is Jung Woo-Sung’s first role in a martial arts movie. Their romance is lovely and ends in marriage.

One day Zeng Jing and Ah-Sheng are in a bank when it is robbed. Just as the robbers are about to murder them, Zeng Jing saves their lives with some great moves.

Now the Wheel King knows who she is because her martial arts moves are so easy to recognize. So other members of the movies cast, three terrible assassins played by Shawn Yue, Barbie Hsu and Leon Dai are sent to force Zeng Jing to give back the remains of the mystical monk.

The final sequence of the movie is a little predictable: Just when it looks like Zeng Jing will be killed, Ah-Sheng pulls out his sword, revealing his real identity and saves the day.

The two lead actors make the finale of the film both a moving and full of poetry. The remainder of the cast is excellent as is the technical staff.

"Reign of Assassins" is sure to be a hit.

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