Resident Evil Afterlife Movie Review

Resident Evil Afterlife Movie Review

This is another late summer movie 3D with Mila Jovovich decimating a bunch of zombies. This is a movie sequel – the fourth in a series of movies based on a video game. They’ve all been extremely high grossing box office movies. In Resident Evil: Afterlife”, Paul W. S. Anderson returns to the director’s chair and may attract some new fans. However, if you’re looking for more than a bunch of rock ‘em sock ‘em action sequences you’ll be disappointed in this upcoming movie.

Resident Evil: Afterlife, is set in Los Angeles after a virus has made the world a a postapocalyptic desert that is ruled by man eating zombies. Alice, played by Jovovich, is attempting to overtake the corporation that let the virus loose.

Alice then goes to Alaska and meets her old friend Claire, played by Ali Larter, who has amnesia. Alice soon returns to Los Angeles and joins a group of survivors who are stuck in a futuristic prison while zombies howl for their blood below. One of the prisoners is Alice’s brother Chris, played by Wentworth Miller.

The most anticipated scene in the movie is when it appears that Alice will strip and get into the shower. Just as this is about to happen zombies invade!

There are plenty of action sequences with effects that mimic those of a video game. Unfortunately they also remind one a lot of the movie “The Matrix”.

This 3D movie is actually better than many run of the mill 3D movies that are converted to 3D after the shooting of the film. Unfortunately, this movie is still going to go right to home video release.

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