Safe Movie Review

Safe Movie Review

An oxymoron it may be, but Safe is a new action movie from Lionsgate with a little too much high-octane butt-busting—butt-busting at the expense of the minimum character relationship development requirements.

Director Boaz Yakin’s new movie isn’t bad, it’s just lacking. If you are a lover of explosions and a fan of the movie’s leading man, Jason Statham, then you will probably like this flick regardless. But the fact that the characters are unable to connect to each other enough for you to care much about them or their relationships makes Safe a harder pill for the crossover audience to swallow.

The plot centers on small time thug and martial arts man, Luke Wright (Statham), who messes up big time and his wife is murdered by the Russian Mafia as a result. Thus, a chain of events are set in motion and Wright ultimately ends up trying to protect a Chinese girl with an important secret, Mei (Catherine Chan), from the very same mobsters who put the hit on his wife.

Grand Theft Auto-worthy action scenes do little to smooth over the fact that there is a little too little time spent with the characters, especially once Wright and Mei form an odd couple that teams up to take on not only the mobster bad guys, but also crooked cops, crooked politicians and any other hooligan crawling the streets of New York City. Sure, we get background info on Wright and Mei, but we get nothing that helps us weave them together in relationship in the film, and movies about duos against the world need to develop the duo connection—yes, even in the world of high-octane action.

If you don’t expect too much from the plot, and don’t mind gratuitous action, then Safe is an ok film. It will likely have you leaving the theater with the thought “meh” floating around in your head, but then again thoughts of indifference after a film are always better than thoughts of disgust.

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