Salt Movie Review

Salt Movie Review

Angelina Jolie heads up the movies cast of “Salt”, this one of summer’s movies playing now. You’re not going to believe the premise of much of this movie but you’re going to have a great time watching it!

Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, CIA Operative, who is being sought by the CIA after being exposed by a Russian operative who claims she’s involved in a plot to kill the president of Russia. It’s known in the business that Jolie was not first choice to play Salt and only joined the cast after Tom Cruise dropped out because he felt the movie was too similar to his Mission Impossible movies.

Russia’s army, according to “Salt”, is chockfull of communist orphans who have been brainwashed into attempting to restart the Cold War! The KBG agent who fingers Jolie is named Orlov and is played by Daniel Olbrychski. He tells the CIA that these trained orphans are waiting all over the world to begin assassinations that should begin a nuclear war between the world’s super powers. Russia is expecting to win this war.

Because the United States has had a few whacky schemes of its own, the CIA treats this information from Orlov as serious indeed. Salt happens to have been born in Russia which makes her a very suspicious person in this scheme.

Of course Salt is unhappy with this whole thing and rather than be interrogated by those in command, Winter, played by Liev Schreiber and Peabody, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, she takes off. Since a job went bad, Salt has been stuck at a desk in a cubicle and hasn’t had to do anything very physical. But when you see her in action you’ll know that she hasn’t let herself go!

So Salt goes on the lam, attempting to clear her name and figure out the communist conspiracy before she gets caught. Unless she really IS part of the communist conspiracy.

The screenplay by Kurt Wimmer is tricky and silly all at once. It will also blow your mind. It’s all about one little twist after the other and one little bit of information exposed at a time. Nobody is who they seem and everything that happens has some significance so watch carefully.

But this IS a spy thriller and spy thriller fans expect this stuff. This box office movie is going to be a hit with spy thriller fans for sure! Director Philip Noyce keeps this moving at a steady, fast pace and the watcher won’t have time to look for inconsistencies in the plot or dialogue. Jolie is very good at playing her part as well.

Salt, one of this summer’s big movie titles is a must see for fans of spy thrillers everywhere!

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