Saw 3D Movie Review

Saw 3D Movie Review

Billing says that this upcoming movie is the seventh and last in the “Saw” series. It’s full of the usual “Saw” stuff: torture, “traps,” and a porn-like atmosphere.

Kevin Gruetert is the director of this new movie 3D as well as “Saw VI”. This box office movie starts with two men who either have to either face disemboweling or decide that their cheating girlfriend will be the victim. Since “Saw” has a huge, young, male audience you can make a guess as to what happens in this new movie release.

At this point the movie diverges into two plot lines. In one, member of the movies cast, Sean Patrick Flanery, who plays Bobby Dragen, runs a support group for Jigsaw sufferers. Costas Mandylor plays Hoffman, the evil accomplice of Jigsaw, who keeps the twisted guy’s legacy alive. He also has a personal gripe against the widow of Jigsaw, played by Betsy Russell.

The other movies had quite a lot of victims. “Saw 3D” seems to be mostly about Bobby trying to save his wife. He has to go through a lot of ugly “games” that threaten his girlfriend and other friends.

A lot of the cleverness of the other movies in this series seems to be lacking, although there’s still plenty of gore.

It’s too bad that the creators of Saw knocked off the villain in one of the earliest “Saw” movies. Hoffman is a pretty boring replacement. At one point in the movie the actor that played in the earliest movies, Tobin Bell, comes back in a flashback and it’s easy to see what the later “Saw” movies are lacking.

The fact that this movie on the new movies list is shot in 3D doesn’t make much difference to the movie, unfortunately.

Fans who have been following this series for a long time will be happy to hear that Cary Elwes has returned as Dr. Gordon, one of the original characters that was tormented by Jigsaw. He is important to the final twist of the movie.

Saw 3D” is a must-see for big “Saw” fans, otherwise it’ll be no big loss if you miss it.

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