Scream 4 Movie Review

Scream 4 Movie Review

New movie “Scream 4” is a resuscitation attempt by Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson. They’re hoping to bring back the series that had its last big hit in 2000. This upcoming movie still stars Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott and the killer in the mask who, like this franchise, just won’t die. “Scream 4” is totally uninspired, and obviously not confident that anybody is going to be scared. It’s doubtful that fans of the original movie will come to theaters to see “Scream 4” but younger teens may show up.

Ten years since the events of “Scream 3,” Sidney has come back to her hometown to sell a self-help book she wrote about her experiences with the killer. Just as she gets home to Woodsboro, California, two teenagers are killed by a slasher in the style of the Ghostface killer who attacked Sidney. Now there are more murders to solve in this new movie release and Sidney is a suspect. Courtney Cox plays Gale Weathers a reporter who’s become a novelist, and is trying hard to come up with another novel after the success of “Stab,” her bestseller inspired by the first murders. She’s thrilled about the possibility of a new story. In fact, her husband Dewey, played by David Arquette, is the chief of police – giving her great access to the story. At the same time, Jill (played by Emma Roberts), Sidney’s niece, and some of her friends, including Trevor, her ex-boyfriend who’s played by Nico Tortorella, and a horror fan named Kirby, who’s played by Hayden Panettiere are trying to solve the mystery in movie picture “Scream 4.”

Since this is a bunch of teenagers, the murders are celebrated with a showing of the movie that the murders inspired. Sidney decides to have one last encounter with the killer, Ghostface, in order to try to protect her family and friends.

The director of “Scream 4,” Kevin Williamson, is a post-modern screenwriter who is less successful than the rest of the group who became successful after Quentin Tarantino’s success. Even the beginning of the movie, which could have been very successful, is marred by all of the talking and clichés. The story seems stale because it takes so long to get to it.

The meta-textual part of the film makes it promising, even though the delivery might not be so good. Neve Campbell returns here to her most famous role and the role that made her famous. Emma Roberts plays Jill, who’s having a hard time always standing in the shadow of her well-known Aunt (Roberts.) Even Wes Craven is working with a series that has little to offer other than a vehicle to sell movie tickets.

It’s too bad that Craven doesn’t seem to be able to generate any real horror in this film. Movies forums said that “Scream 4” would take on older horror films. Unfortunately it takes on nothing more than torture porn and J horror.

The sad thing is that audiences are still very receptive to classic horror – teenagers in the dark and crazy killers with a mask and a weapon. Successful directors like Ti West and Oren Pell show that Craven is really spending too much time beating home suspense with no subtlety. This movie quickly degenerates into a mess.

Roberts and Panttiere deliver great performances. They don’t appear to be very smart in the film but they do the best they can. No matter what, this movie is going to do just fine at the box office. This is a new generation of viewers for the series who don’t expect the same things from the new movies that the old ones delivered. “Scream 4” is proof that they’re just not making horror films the way they used to.

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