Secretariat Movie Review

Secretariat Movie Review

New Movie ReleaseSecretariat” will be a sure bet with sports movie fans.

This upcoming movie is going to be another big hit for Mayhem Pictures and producers Mark Ciardi and Gordon Gray. This is the story of the greatest racehorse the world has ever known and the woman who owned him. This movie on the new movies list was written by Mike Rich, who also wrote “The Rookie” and “Miracle”. Somehow Rich has found a way to write an engaging movie about a horse who everyone knows will win almost every race it runs in. They do it by focusing on Secretariat’s owner, rather than Secretariat.

This is going to cause this box office movie to have a wide appeal to female audiences. It also looks like there will be a good box office showing for Disney among the older demographic as well as the religious audience that Disney woos online. It will also do well on TV and home video.

Secretariat became a true legend in a career that lasted only 16 months. The beautiful, chestnut stallion won most of his races: 16 of 21. Secretariat was in no way an underdog in the way that the horse Seabiscuit was.

The drama in this film is about Penny Chenery Tweedy (played by Lane), who takes over Meadow Stables, in Virginia, from her ill father, played by Scott Glenn. She takes over a stud farm that’s in deep debt at the time and then, when her father dies, she must come up with huge estate taxes.

Penny has a faith in Secretariat that starts before his birth and never wavers. She gets Secretariat as the result of a coin toss made by her father with Ogden Phipps, played by James Cromwell. Penny’s father had lost the toss in 1969 and Phipps, a well-to-do horse owner and breeder won the right to choose between two foals sired by an important stallion named Bold Ruler. Penny whispers that she really got what she wished for: the as yet to be born foal of a filly named Something royal. It was a good choice.

Everyone calls Secretariat Big Red and Big Red and Penny are beset by hordes of sexist men, the first being a trainer that Penny immediately fires. Penny’s husband, played by Dylan Walsh, is not happy with her choice of neglecting home and hearth for horse-raising. Penny’s brother, played by Dylan Baker, wants her to sell Secretariat to pay the estate taxes. No matter what awful things the males in the male dominated race world say about Penny, she still manages to let them roll off her back. She can. She has the best horse.

Most of Penny’s team is also male. Lucien Laurin, played by John Malkovich, is an eccentric veteran trainer. Otto Thorwarth, a professional jockey, plays Secretariat’s jockey, Ron Turcotte, beautifully. Nelsan Ellis plays groom Eddie Sweat, who thinks he understands the thoughts of horses. Margo Martindale plays the only female assistant, Miss Ham.

Penny’s daughter Kate is played by AJ Michalka, a Disney recording star, who gets a chance to sing in the movie.

Diane Lane plays the blonde Penny by sporting wigs and does an excellent job of showing a magical connection between Secretariat and his owner. Malkovich is the comedic relief in the movie.

Five different horses played Secretariat in this movie.

This terrific sports movie opens on Friday.

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