Sex and the City 2 Movie Review

Sex and the City 2 Movie Review

2 ½ hours of fashion, fun and Arabian nights

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, Sex and the City’s “girls” from New York City, ­­are back in this summer’s smash hit, Sex and the City 2. Due to the first film’s amazing success in 2008, fans are already wardrobe ready and planning a big evening out to see this new fashion show of a movie with sharp humor and a surprising lack of political correctness. Nobody is going to mind that the film is, maybe, forty minutes too long. It is going to be one of the big box office draws of the summer.

The first movie, a spin-off of the HBO series by creator Darren Star was written and directed by Michael Patrick King (also writer and director of the second film). Many fans found it a bid ho-hum. The sex of the show was overshadowed by Carrie’s (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) engagement and marriage problems with Mr. Big (played by Chris Noth) as well as Miranda’s (played by Cynthia Nixon) and her husband Steve’s (played by David Eigenberg) marriage crisis.

In the sequel, set two years later, Samantha is hired by an Arab Sheik to head up his PR campaigns. The deal includes airline tickets and all expenses paid vacations in Abu Dhabi for Samantha and her three fashion forward buddies.

Carrie is in the throes of marriage dissatisfaction with Mr. Big who, it turns out, prefers nights in front of the TV to nights out on the town. Charlotte (Kristin Davis) has two unmanageable kids and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is still single.

Surprisingly, the movie gives a rather negative picture of Muslim society as Carrie runs into her old boyfriend Aidan (played by John Corbett) in the spice market. Sex and the City 2’s portrayal of the culture of the Middle East are going to cause a bit of stir but there’s something enticing about the film’s non-PC point of view. The movie is feminist yet not accepting of Muslims, a conundrum for viewers in the liberal camp. At one point the girls perform a karaoke version of “I am Woman”, by Helen Reddy, in a nightclub. Later, a group of Muslim women fling off their robes to show the western garb they’ve been hiding underneath their burkas.

It’s still fun to see Kim Cattrall flaunt her sexuality, even in the midst of menopause. Mr. Big and Aidan are marvelously appealing and Miranda and Charlotte, though a big downplayed, still share some great scenes.

Miley Cyrus, Liza Minnelli and Penelpe Cruz appear in cameo performances. John Thomas and Jeremy Conway, cinematographers, are wizards with the scenery (the movie was filmed in Morocco) and women will swoon for costume designer, Patricia Field’s fabulous ensembles.

No matter the length of the movie and the lack of PC. Fans of Sex and the City will be swarming to theaters this summer to take in this summer’s most exciting Chick Flick, Sex and the City 2.

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