Skyline Movie Review

Skyline Movie Review

This new movie release is a B movie mess. It’s all about some nasty aliens destroying downtown LA in a way that many will find very visually appealing.

Movie Picture, “Skyline,” is so bad as to be almost incomprehensible and the screenplay is unbelievably idiotic. The dialog sounds like something out of old movies on the Sci-Fi channel and the acting is reprehensible. It does look like “Skyline” is planning on a sequel, believe it or not.

Any movie trailer you see will give you the impression that this is actually a good movie and that you might want to see. Think again. The invading spaceships cast a very tantalizing spell on Sci-Fi fans. But once word gets around that this new movie is as bad as it is, box office receipts are sure to drop off.

This is strictly B movie fare and not worth the price of admission.

The film was independently financed by Colin and Greg Strause, special effect artists known for their work in such films as Iron Man 2, Avatar and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It looks like most of the available budget went towards a few pieces on the set that were created by Hydraulx, their SFX house.

The only good thing in this one of the falls upcoming movies are the spaceships that send out blue rays to lure humans to the ship and then suck them up into the bellies of the ships. Once the viewer gets over the excitement of the spaceships the rest of the movie is lots of action that makes no sense and poor cinematography.

Jarrod, played by Eric Balfour from “Six Feet Under,” and his girlfriend Elaine, played by Scottie Thompson are the first actors we see. Immediately viewers will be aware that the acting is awful and the direction may be worse. Jarrod is traveling with Elaine to celebrate his friend Terry’s birthday. Terry is played by Donald Faison from “Scrubs”.

Terry’s bachelor pad turns out to be a great place to view an alien invasion. Those that never left a party at Terry’s house the previous night are awakened by an eerie, blue glow in the sky. One of them looks out and is suddenly sucked up into the ship!

And here starts the apocalypse – lots of screaming and yelling and running around by a small group of poorly directed bad actors.

Due to the budget problems, all of the screaming and running around takes place in one apartment building.

Invaders search the city looking for survivors and survivors run around trying to evade the invaders.

Both the survivors and the movie have no place to go.

There seems to be very little plot and the only interesting shots are the ones that involve the alien creatures designed by Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr. and there aren’t many of those.

Don’t spend any time wondering what’s going on in this movie. Basically, there’s nothing going on – even the filmmakers seem to have figured that out by the end of the show.

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