Smash His Camera Movie Review

Smash His Camera Movie Review

One of this summer’s new movie titles, Smash the Camera is the story of Ron Galella, the now 79 year old Paparrazo who became famous in the ‘70s not only for his celebrity photos but for his infamous stalking techniques.

Director Leon Gast (“When We Were Kings”) makes this box office movie an entertaining peep into the life of Galella who is still working and lives in New Jersey. Gast depicts Galella as a pleasantly eccentric old man, and gives him the opportunity to talk about his work and the methods he chose that were so scandalous then and so tame now when compared to today’s paparazzi. Gast’s film is very entertaining and gives an inside look into the life of a special show-biz character.

Galella was involved in several famous incidents which are documented well in "Smash His Camera". At one point, Marlon Brando punched him in the mouth, knocking out five of Galella’s teeth. After that incident Galella always wore a football helmet while pursuing Brando. He stalked Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and her children for years. Onassis sued, a long legal battle ensued, and she finally was granted a restraining order against Galella.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was the subject of a large portion of Galella’s life and she plays a big part in this film. There is a famous photograh of Onassis that Galella refers to as his Mona Lisa. It’s one of this best known works.

This upcoming movie will appeal to those who are interested in the story of the evolution of the paparazzo from the 70’s to today and Galella’s take on his old days chasing the rich and famous.

Smash the camera is unrated and runs for 87 minutes.

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