Something Borrowed Movie Review

Something Borrowed Movie Review

New movie releaseSomething Borrowed” is a wonderful film. It’s about a group of friends in their twenties and it’s clever, sexy, and quite funny. It’s good foil by Alcon and Warner Brothers against new movie “Thor.” According to movie forums, new movie release, “Something Borrowed” may not open big but it’ll sustain a good box office for a few weeks and then go to DVD.

Kate Hudson plays party girl Darcy and is engaged to Dex, played by Colin Egglesfield, a handsome lawyer. Ginnifer Goodwin plays Rachel, who has been Darcy’s best friend for her whole life. Rachel has had an enormous crush on Dex since they went to law school but won’t own up to it so as not to hurt Darcy. On the other hand, Rachel’s friend Ethan, played by John Krasinski, has feelings for Rachel that he isn’t admitting. He’s also trying to stay out of the clutches of Darcy’s friend, Claire, played by Ashley Williams. Add Marcus, played by Steve Howey, who also has a crush on Rachel but would have a crush on any woman. The story is complicated by the real story in Jennie Snyder Urman’s great script is the love triangle between Darcy, Rachel, and Dex – especially after Rachel and Dex hook up in the Hamptons and then try to make believe nothing has happened.

The real success of movie picture “Something Borrowed” is in the talents of the ensemble cast. There’s a bit of reverse casting, unusual in romantic comedies. Hudson is not the center of attention. She’s irresponsible and the audience will not feel a lot of sympathy for her. Goodwin is a terrific actress who’s been waiting for her big break since playing the first wife of Johnny Cash in “Walk the Line.” Krasinki is excellent in his supporting role. He couldn’t carry the movie “License to Wed” but is always wonderful in smaller roles. Egglesfield is just perfect as the guy who two women are lusting after at the same time.

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