Somewhere Movie Review

Somewhere Movie Review

Upcoming movie, “Somewhere,” is all about how movie star Johnny Marco, played by Stephen Dorff, finds meaning for his life, after years of excess, through his relationship with his daughter played by Elle Fanning. Sofia Coppola has a fine touch with big subjects and this is obviously a personal movie to Coppola. It’s all about what happens when important relationships are treated too casually. It’s like “Lost in Translation” in this way but, unlike “Lost in Translation,” “Somewhere” shows more clearly the consequences of this kind of handling of important bonds. It’s interesting that Coppola’s characters exist in the pretty world of Hollywood rather than in the gritty world of real life. It’s hard to see how the characters could function if taken out of their element. Audiences are going to be running to the box offices to see this new movie during its limited release. Oscar voters will be watching and the box office is expected to be big. It may be one of this year’s top 10 movies.

Johnny Marco (has to be a stage name) is mired in a life of star performances and decadence. His life is shallow and he seems to have no problem with that. He’s seen his eleven year old daughter, Cleo, on a regular basis but he has never really paid a lot of attention to her. When his ex-wife, played by Lala Sloatman, tells Johnny she’s leaving and doesn’t know when she’ll return, he takes on Cleo’s upbringing, and pulls her through his excited life.

Cleo is a good kid and copes well with her family’s lack of stability. She plays well with him and his childhood buddy, played by Chris Pontius and watches him receive a silly Italian award with both pride and some humor. She seems to be one well adjusted child. When a lady friend shows up at the breakfast table Cleo looks at her with understated contempt. She doesn’t dare make a fuss. When Johnny leaves her in a cab in the desert to get to summer camp, he suddenly realizes what he’s missing out on. Fatherhood is not just another scripted role.

When Johnny is apologizing to his daughter the sound of a helicopter makes it impossible for her to hear him and impossible for the audience not to recognize Coppola’s nod to one of the most famous helicopter scenes in movie history for which her father, Francis Ford Coppola, was responsible.

There are many people that are going to love this movie picture. Elle Fanning grows ever more impressive and Stephen Dorff is just right in his role as Johnny Marco. Look for new movie “Somewhere.” It’s a treat.

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