Source Code Movie Review

Source Code Movie Review

Upcoming movie “Source Code” is important in movie news right now. It’s reminiscent of a Hitchcock thriller and includes a little of “Unstoppable” and maybe a bit of “Unknown.” This new movie about a soldier who wakes up and finds himself in some other man’s body will keep your heart pounding. His job is to find a bomber on a commuter train in Chicago. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the lead and supporting actresses Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan are excellent. New movie releaseSource Code” is going to do a brisk spring box office business and will be one of the big new releases on DVD when it gets there.

Gyllenhaal plays Captain Colter Stevens and is first seen in the film on a not very exciting train trip. Things are going fine, he meets a young woman, played by Monaghan – and then the train explodes. All of a sudden Steven is in some sort of a capsule talking to Carol Goodwin, played by Farmiga, by closed circuit TV. Goodwin is heading up an operation to find the bomber before he can blast another train. The somewhat confusing plot has Gyllenhaal put into the body of an avatar that can be instantly sent back to the train which has just eight minutes before it blows up again. Of course Stevens is totally confused. Why does he have this mission and why does he keep getting sent back in time? We will slowly see that Stevens is just a chess piece in an anti-terrorist plot by the government that’s seemingly inspired by the “Twilight Zone.” Every time Stevens has to go back on the train he becomes more uncomfortable and he talks Monaghan into helping him figure out who the bomber is and how to get out of the nightmare he’s in.

Although the audience could become bored by Stevens’ constant going back and forth, director Duncan Jones does an excellent job of using the script by Ben Ripley to keep it all together and constantly moving so that the audience is always sitting on the edge of their seats. At first, the film’s subject is going to be as frustrating for the audience as it is for the characters. It may seem a little over the top but the bet is that it’s going to make some good money at April box offices. This is an ideal role for Gyllenhaal. He’ll remind you of the guy in Hitchcock movies – the everyday guy who’s suddenly thrust into situations he can’t control or figure out. Monaghan is a good match for Gyllenhaal but Farmiga’s role is a bit one-dimensional as she’s stuck behind a desk for most of the movie. This is a technically excellent movie with wonderful special effects and smooth production values.

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