Step Up 3D Movie Review

Step Up 3D Movie Review

“Step Up 3D”, the new box office movie, had a lot of people nervous. It turns out that it’s a movie 3D that doesn’t let the audience down, unlike a few 3D movies that have been among the movies playing in theaters lately (like “The Airbender”). Oddly enough, “Step Up 3D” does much better with its 3D than it does with its other, more traditional parts like the acting, the plot or the dialogue.

In fact, the plot, acting and dialogue are so bad that it’s questionable as to why director Jon Chu even bothered with them. The dancers make their way through over fifty tunes. The dance sequences are great; the plot between them is what holds this movie playing right now up. Step Up 3D is nothing more than a very long music and dance vehicle and that should be all that it is. It’s pulled down by the paucity of decent dialogue and plot.

Moose, played by Adam Sevani, (of Step Up 2) decides to join The Vault, which is a loft in NYC where street dancers can practice without being picked up by the cops. The team of dancers that Moose joins is trying to save The Vault which is in danger of being closed. Luke, the founder of the vault, who is played by Rick Malambri, can’t come up with payments on the loft and the dancers of The Vault must win some dance wars to make money to avoid foreclosure.

You never find out what the rules of these dance wars are or who judges them. There are however, lots of hand gestures towards the camera and at least one very acrobatic move per dance, most of which include something like Olympic quality flips and a few grabs at the dancer’s own crotches.

There are all sorts of terrible subplots. Moose has problems with his love life and he’s not paying enough attention to his best friend, Camille, played by Alyson Stoner. Other members of the movies cast include Joe Slaughter who plays Julien and Sharni Vinson, who is a sexy new addition.

Do you really care who wins this dance battle? Unfortunately, the poor plot, acting and dialogue really destroy what might have been a great dance movie.

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