Super 8 Movie Review

Super 8 Movie Review

New movie Super 8 is about a bunch of children who discover, by mistake, that the government is covering up a disaster caused by extraterrestrials. Some interesting marketing may make upcoming movie “Super 8” a box office smash but it may not do so well when this 80’s type of Spielberg film goes to VHS.

Joe Lamb is a young boy, played by Joel Courtney, who lives in a steel town in Ohio and is trying to work his way through his mother’s recent death. Kyle Chandler plays his father, Jack, a Deputy Sheriff who values his job over his son. Joe decides to become involved with the film project of his friend Charles, played by Riley Griffiths. They talk 16 year old Alice, played by Elle Fanning, into playing the lead in their film. As they are secretly shooting their movie, they accidentally capture a train crash on Super 8 film and are suddenly in the midst of a government conspiracy. Jack tries to figure out the mystery of the train’s cargo before the government can cover it up.

Disney is the king of this kind of movie where people from dysfunctional families find happiness after living through some strange fantasy but Amblin is a close second. In this new movie release, director and writer J.J. Abrams uses Super 8 like a sort of a time capsule, tossing in this and that from the 80s while never bringing any cohesiveness to the story.

Unfortunately, Amblin can never seem to get Joe and his father’s family story to gel with the science fiction story. When Amblin tries to get emotion to meld with thrills he experiences his worst failures. He never manages to make us like the creature that could destroy everything or make us feel sympathy when he gets Joe and Alice back with their fathers at the same time.

Abrams is obviously a capable director – he’s responsible for ”Mission Impossible 3” and Star Trek.” He’s good at making his characters compelling but has a hard time building a story around them. People are still finding the holes in the plot of “Star Trek.” The nostalgic attitude of “Super 8” is not going to be good enough to make this movie picture a success because, while the focus of the movie is on children, most of its audience will be adults. “Super 8” will remind viewers of the movies that inspired it like “E.T.” and “Close Encounters.” Unlike those movies, this is not a great film.

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