Take Me Home Tonight Movie Review

Take Me Home Tonight Movie Review

It’s possible that new movieTake Me Home Tonight” might actually have a good story buried somewhere beneath the bad acting, lousy writing, terrible slapstick, and jokes that fly like lead balloons, but director Michael Dowse never gives it a chance to emerge.

In the entire first act, and well into the second, over the top comedy is rammed at the audience until none of it even registers anymore. This upcoming movie’s audience doesn’t even seem to notice when a relationship between a guy and a girl he liked in high school starts to bud.

Young audiences may be lured into the theater by the movie trailer that puts its emphasis on heavy partying, but for the most part, “Take Me Home Tonight” is a DVD in the making.

Gordon Kaywin, and the new movie’s star, Topher Grace, are the executive producers and real life best friends since they were 15. Their intention was to write a comedy based on life as best friends well beyond high school and college. Jackie and Jeff Filgo wrote the script, just like Kaywin and Grace asked them to. Unfortunately, the most noticeable thing about this script is that the friendship doesn’t make any sense.

It would be possible for the relationship between two guys to work, despite the fact that one of them, in the movie picture, is an engineer with a degree from MIT and the other is a jobless ex-car salesman, because they might have something else in common. However, the movie is based on the fact that the two men have a strong bond and have nothing whatsoever in common.

Grace’s Matt Franklin is the son of a cop and yet goes with a friend to steal a car, drives while drunk and under lots of other “influences, is instrumental in starting fights at parties, and then ends up crashing the car he stole because he’s trying out the coke he finds in the glove box.

The movie’s silly central set up is that Matt, a nice looking, smart guy, can’t get a date with a former high school beauty named Tori, played by Teresa Palmer. And the fact that his twin sister, played by Ann Faris, is going to marry a stupid partier played by Chris Pratt, is equally goofy.

None of this makes sense. Matt and Tori only hook up when she decides she’s as lost as he is. At that point Barry finds the love of his life, Kitchelle, played by Michelle Trachtenberg. And this is right after a weird encounter with a strange, female sexual predator played by Angie Everhart.

Nobody is going to give these relationships more than a day, and neither are they going to give “Take Me Home Tonight” more than 24 hours on the big screen.

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