Takers Movie Review

Takers Movie Review

The upcoming movieTakers” is a B style movie that going to appeal to audiences who enjoy classic theft movies. And no matter how many heist movies show up at the box office, there will be people to watch them and filmmakers to make more of them.

This box office movie is all about a gang of bank robbers played by Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen, Michael Ealy and Chris Brown, who have had some great robberies, due to heavy duty planning. Soon a former buddy gets out of prison and suggests an armored car heist. It will be the gang’s biggest score and they put all that planning aside to jump into the action.

Matt Dillon and Jay Hernandez, members of the movies cast who play cops, are on the trail of the gang and you know that these guys are in big trouble. There’s also lots of trouble between members of the gang that’s adding fuel to the fire. To top it off, there are Russian mob members added to the mix who want to get in on the action.

Writers Peter Allen, Gabriel Casseus, and director John Luessenhop, take the movie to a higher level with some smart twists, turns and interesting characters.

The cast is very good. Dillon is a cynical cop who is often in trouble with the brass. Hernandez is a little more laid back but has some skeletons in his own closet.

Crook Elba is a serious “leader of the pack” and Tip “T.I.” Harris is slippery and dynamic as the ex-con. Marianne Jean-Baptiste, an Oscar nominee, plays Elba’s drug addict sister. She’s surely going to give the gang even more trouble than they’re bringing on themselves.

This is another one of this summer’s movies playing now that is appealing to the testosterone crowd. Jean-Baptiste is virtually the only woman in the movie. This would work if not for Director Luessenhop’s hyperactive camera work and his jumpy editing style that takes away from the movie. There’s one big chase scene through LA that’s particularly cut up and almost destroyed by bad camerawork.

The stunt work is the big showstopper in this movie on the new movies list. The cinematography by Michael Barrett is smooth.

Takers is rated PG-13 and runs for 107 minutes.

The good acting in this movie manages to calm down the overall camera frenzy and "Takers” is a good movie to watch in an air conditioned theater with a big box of popcorn at your side this summer.

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