Tamara Drewe Movie Review

Tamara Drewe Movie Review

This upcoming movie is a British comedy. It takes place at a writer’s retreat in a village in England’s Dorset called Ewedown. Every house is across from a field and the town reeks of rustic charm.

Nicholas Hardiment, played by Roger Allam, and his wife Beth, played by Tamsin Greig, run the writer’s colony. He is not only a best-selling novelist but an adulterer as well. Beth, on the other hand, runs the writer’s colony, bakes goodies for tea, makes friends with the guests and knows about Nicholas’ adulterous behavior. She puts up with it because he always comes back to her in the end.

Suddenly,Tamara Drewe, played by Gemma Arterton, drops into the movie. She plays the girl in the movie who used to live in the village but left to go to London, get her nosed fixed, and make her fortune. Now she’s a well-known newspaper columnist with a nice nose.

Luke Evans, another member of the movies cast, plays Andy Cobb, who does odd jobs for the Hardiments. He doesn’t like Tamara because her family moved into his childhood family home.

Nicholas is drawn to Tamara. Tamara doesn’t play hard to get. A famous rock ‘n roll singer from London named Ben Sergeant, played by Dominic Cooper, now falls into the mix. All the local teenagers fall for Ben and Tamara drops Hardiment for Ben.

The movie was inspired by a graphic novel by Posy Simmonds, which was in turn, inspired by “Far From the Madding Crowd” by Thomas Hardy.

As if enough romantic intrigue isn’t going on, McCreavy, played by Bill Camp, shows up. He’s an American scholar who is studying Hardy’s poetry and came to the village of Ewedown to be inspired. He and Beth Hardiment find each other interesting.

The director of Tamara Drewe is Stephen Frears. He’s already known for “High Fidelity,” “The Grifters,” “Dirty Pretty Things,” and “The Queen.” In this box office movie, Frears portrays a lot of silly people who are really no sillier than most people.

Tamara Drewe has a lot of characters with a lot of depth, unlike an awful lot of today’s movies on the new movie list.

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