Tangled Movie Review

Tangled Movie Review

Upcoming movieTangled” promises to be an instant classic. It’s Disney’s animated take on a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm: Rapunzel. Disney has transformed the old story into a morality play where honesty and sincerity collide with selfishness and insincerity. Sharing is the greatest virtue of them all in this new movie release. The comedy sometimes seems a bit “Monty-Pythonish” and can be a little over the top but never gets violent. Things may get a little dicey but death is not an option. The characters are charming, including Maximus the horse and Pascal the chameleon. There are many visual motifs and it’s fun to try to figure out the meanings of some of them, including the many things that glow like stars, flowers, lanterns, etc. Tangled may be a big shot in the arm to Disney after a couple of bombs. Movie reviews are promising that Tangled will be doing very well at the box office.

In the central story of this movie picture, the pregnant queen falls ill with a mysterious disease and the people who live in her country search all over for a cure for her. The cure turns out to be a sun lily which is a symbol of nature’s power and the love and warmth of the queen’s people. As a result of the cure of the sun lily, the new princess is born with hair that glows. Then Mother Gothel, played by Donna King, kidnaps the princess to get her hair’s powers which are a bit like those of the fabled “Fountain of Youth.” Rapunzel, played by Mandy Moore, grows up locked in a tower. In her world, mean Mother Gothel is her mother and the world is full of more nasty, selfish, villains. Her dream is to be able to roam about, rather than being locked in a tower, and she isn’t looking to snare a handsome prince like another Disney princess, Snow White. However her prince DOES come, in the form of Flynn Ryder, played by Zachary Levi. He’s an orphan, pirate like thief who flies up to the tower to rescue the princess. When Mother Gothel insists that Rapunzel is helpless, she becomes even more determined to leave the castle and find out why lights shoot into the air every year on her birthday.

Unlike other Disney villains, Mother Gothel doesn’t want to harm Rapunzel. She is, however, emotionally abusive. She’s codependent and sneaky. She likes to make mean jokes that have a subtle way of defining good and evil.

There are all sorts of directorial subtleties. There will be lots of talk of the princess who falls for a thief – what a step down! Rapunzels emotions are up and down. Sometimes she’s guilty and other times she’s exuberant. Even her prince is named after a French Catholic philosopher!

This is a movie for the ages, like all of Disney’s best work. It’s also obviously being groomed as a ready-made show for Broadway. All those numbers, dialogue and drama club like actions seem just made for the Broadway stage. Because Rapunzel is sometimes a blonde and sometimes a brunette, there are lots of little girls out there who can pretend that they are her – for years and years to come.

"Tangled" is one of this year’s best new move releases.

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