Tekken Movie Review

Tekken Movie Review

Those people who have spent many hours playing Tekken and have been looking forward to the movie are going to be sorely disappointed.

The entire story of "Tekken" and of the characters in no way resembles the game. People who love Tekken are going to find this completely disconcerting. The main characters, Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima and Jin Kazama are all in the movie but they’re not really the same characters. Heibachi is the most similar to his game character but he’s way too well behaved. Jin seems to have very little personality. In the games, Kazuya is a fearsome character. In the movie he’s afraid of his father and not so fearsome.

The “Devil Gene” plays a central part in the game but doesn’t even have a part in the movie. Both Jin and Kayuza have the Devil Gene so it’s remarkable that it was left out of the story in the film.

There are many other changes. Tekken is no longer Tekken but the name of someplace in America right after WWII. Many of the original characters are gone, only to be replaced by new characters. Hopefully there will be a movie sequel so perhaps some of the old characters will come back.

This upcoming movie is somewhat enjoyable if you can get over the changes or if you’re not familiar with Tekken in the first place. The plot’s not bad and the movie moves quickly. There’s not much fighting either and what is Tekken but a story of fighting? Christie Montiero and Jin have a romantic encounter, which was just put in to add romance to the story. Kelly Overton, part of the movies cast, plays Christie and will surely be an attraction to the male audience.

If you’re a big fan of the game Tekken, you will probably enjoy the movie. If you don’t know about Tekken or are not a fan you may not enjoy this box office movie. To you it will be an attractive movie with some decent fights and some pretty women.

Maybe the sequel will be better?

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