The A Team Movie Review

The A Team Movie Review

Joe Carnahan’s reputation is expected to drive the box office gross of this film, which seems to consist mostly of explosions and stunts and very little writing of any sort, past the $30 million dollar mark.

The A Team, a Fox film, is an offshoot of the 1980’s TV series of the same name. The movie seems to have almost no story or much character development either. It just Jumps from stunt to action sequence to explosion with very little rhyme or reason. Joe Carnahan gets credit as both writer and director and one of the actors, Brian Bloom, also receives writing credit.

Filmed in British Columbia, it is amazing how the movie’s location appears to move from Mexico to the Middle East to Europe and then back to LA.

The limited story is this: There are four special forces soldiers who meet in Mexico after some unexplained explosions. This “A-Team” consists of Liam Neeson as the leader Hannibal Smith, Bradley Cooper as Face Peck, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson as B.A. Baracus, and Sharlto Copley who plays a mentally deranged pilot.

With no evidence of any sort of guidance on the part of any branch of the military, the four men move from Iraq to Germany, Switzerland, Lake Tahoe and then Long Beach Harbor. Somewhere along the way the A-Team is accused of a crime they didn’t commit and they then throw caution to the wind and “go rogue.” At this point the team still seems to be receiving full military support, even though they have obviously left any semblance of military oversight (was there ever any?) behind. Lucky for the guys, none of them ever seems to come to any real harm, despite all the violence and shoot-em-up action.

Other characters in the film are Jessica Biel who plays Face’s ex-girlfriend and gives the movie it’s only sex appeal, Patrick Wilson as a form CIA agent and Brian Bloom as a military contractor.

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