The Bang Bang Club Movie Review

The Bang Bang Club Movie Review

Box office movie, “The Bang Bang Club”, directed and written by Steven Silver, is about four photographers who capture on film the last days of apartheid in South Africa in the mid ‘90s.

This upcoming movie follows in the steps of other movies about similar themes such as “Salvador”, “War Photographer” and “Before the Rain”.

Unfortunately, rather than putting the events of that era first, this new movie release puts the lives of the photographers in the forefront. What this film is really about is the racy lifestyle of the photographers – four young white guys with penchants for sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

The story of the young men is not exactly riveting either. Ryan Phillippe plays the main character. Other members of the movies cast include Neels Van Jaarsveld, Taylor Kitsch and Frank Oosterbroek.

The Bang Bang Club is based on a novel by two of the photographers in the movie – Greg Marinovich and Joao Silver. Silver is an award winning documentary filmmaker.

The young men in the film are very shallow. The audience never gets to see what’s going on in the character’s heads. Most of the time they’re either photographing something, staying out of the reach of gunfire or with one of the few unfortunate looking women in the cast.

This film means well, but in the end, really isn’t a very satisfying viewing experience.

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