Will Ferrell Out On The Campaign Stump

Will Ferrell Out On The Campaign Stump

Will Ferrell loves the spotlight and loves to be in the movie news. Needless to say, he couldn’t resist the chance to talk about his new movie, The Campaign, a film in which everyone’s favoritie George W. Bush impersonator and The Hangover’s Zach Galifianikis take center stage as political opponents.

While Ferrell admits that the film is full to the brim with wacky political humor, he underscores the fact that it has a more serious message. As he told Total Film Magazine, “the movie is just a platform for us to illustrate how insane our political process has become. The crazy add campaigns that exist now and the manipulations. We’re going to make it pretty farcical but not that far from the truth.”

If a Will Ferrell movie is looking more like a realistic portrait of the U.S. political process than a Wag the Dog-like lampoon, then things really are that bad in Washington. But if you don’t think too hard about the parallels between the American government and Ferrell’s brand of humor, then The Campaign is definitely one of summer 2012’s upcoming movies to look forward to. Rarely does a Will Ferrell movie disappoint and mixing Galifiankis into the recipe could provide the extra shot of goofiness needed to make this film one of a kind.

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