The Change-Up Movie Review

The Change-Up Movie Review

Universal’s Upcoming movieThe Change-Up” is a whole lot funnier than you might expect from seeing the movie trailer. In fact, writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore have done a fabulous job of bringing new interest to this overdone niche – movies where two people trade bodies – a niche that seemed to have died when Fred Savage and Judge Reinhold traded bods. And Lucas and Moore had no interest in redoing all the jokes in “Hangover 2.” Small audiences are expected for opening weekend but the bet is that word of mouth will make this a much bigger new movie than expected.

The casting director did a good job choosing Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds to play a busy, married lawyer and a so-so actor who have been buddies since childhood. Lately, both actors have often been typecast – Bateman as a goody two shoes and Reynolds as a guy full of self-confidence, a sort of young Tom Cruise after therapy. After the role change in “The Change-Up,” Bateman enjoys exhibiting his evil side and Reynolds shows his charismatic side and his new flare for comedy in this movie picture.

At the beginning of this new movie release Bateman is wandering around in tasteful attire while Reynolds is stumbling around like an overgrown child in a brightly painted loft full of men’s toys like bongs and ping pong equipment. The audience quickly learns that Bateman is a workaholic about to be promoted, and Reynolds is an actor who has done very little of worth. After a night of drinking, the two miraculously change bodies. There’s some urinating in a fountain, mystical/magical wind chimes, and voila! Reynolds, in Bateman’s body, wakes up in Bateman’s bed next to Bateman’s wife, played by the very hot Leslie Mann. He also now has twin toddlers.

Hearing swearing in an R-rated film is rather invigorating – particularly when the swear words come from the mouth of Jason Bateman. Director David Dobkin throws caution to the wind and uses his R rating to showcase breasts: big ones, small ones, fake breasts, old breasts, and even pregnant breasts. There’s even a baby’s butt not two minutes into the film. There are lots of shocks and each is funnier than the next. The twins are constantly doing things like putting their hands in the blender and Bateman as Reynolds seems to be throwing them around the house willy nilly.

Yup, we know that eventually the guys are going back to their real lives. But the hour and a half before that happens is pure entertainment. And before the end, “The Change-Up” has a grand time deciding things like whether Batman’s penis is still his penis if it’s part of Reynolds’ body. And if he uses it, is it cheating? And he does want to sleep around, especially with fellow lawyer Olivia Wilde – he’s a married guy in an unmarried guy’s body. What to do? Reynolds has less going on, although he manages a few really funny scenes. His character simply has less to work with.

Even though there are breasts galore, “The Change-Up” does right by its women, at least Mann and Wilde. There are just lots of little details that show respect to women that are missing from lots of date movies. This movie could make any guy a hero on date night. Movie forums say to take your date to see “The Change-Up” for a fun evening.

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