The Company Men Movie Review

The Company Men Movie Review

New movie release, “The Company Men,” directed by producer/writer John Wells, is a timely drama about the executives who were living big with stock options and three hour lunches just a few years ago. It’s a canny drama that will enthrall audiences. “The Company Men” exudes a feeling that’s reminiscent of the feeling you got when watching “Up in the Air.” You get that scary sensation that you could be the next one in line.

Are you wondering why anyone would care if those capitalist pigs lose their jobs? This new movie makes it clear that these are the selfish people who have gotten this country into all the trouble that it’s in now. As their jobs disappear we get to watch their lives go down the drains and we have a feeling of sympathy mixed with a little bit of happiness to see what these lives are coming to. The message pushed by this upcoming movie is that bottom-feeding corporate scum-suckers are human beings, too.

This movie picture is all about the misfortunes of a company called GTX in Boston. It was first a company that built ships and then had to consolidate. After consolidating the powers at GTX had to lay off scores of employees. The first person laid off is Bobby Walker, played by Ben Affleck. He’s an executive in sales who’s been living well and suddenly finds himself in freefall. This role really suits that snappy charm Affleck’s .

The older exec who gets laid off is Chris Cooper, who just seems weary when he finds out that, just on the sunny side of sixty, that he might as well be looking for a job from a bed in a nursing home. Tommy Lee Jones plays a pruney senior manager and Kevin Costner is Bobby Walker’s brother-in-law, a carpenter. It is most probably the best job Costner’s ever done as a character actor. The dialogue is sharp and cutting.

The Company Men still manages to make us feel sorry for the guys who were riding the wave of American prosperity, only to suffer in this sad economy.

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