Up Close and Personal with the Batmobile

Up Close and Personal with the Batmobile

Many superhero lovers are just as enamored with hero gadgets as they are with the heros themselves. And there may be no hero gadget as well-known and well-loved as the Batmobile.

Audiences around the world await the release of the new movie The Dark Knight Rises with baited breath; Christopher Nolan’s much anticipated follow-up to the smash hit The Dark Knight should break box offices records and secure its place among the top action movies of all time. A movie that is supposed to be that good needs more than just top acting and a great script; the gadgets and the action have to be up to high-octane snuff. And if the new Batmobile Tumbler Tour is any indication, then the newest version of Batman’s ride should meet our wildest expectations.

For those of us who just cannot wait until July 20 2012, Tumbler Tour is bringing the Batmobile that was used in both The Dark Knight to a city near you. You can follow the car’s progress on Tumbler’s site or visit the sweet irde yourself. Either way, this publicity stunt is sure to keep us all deeply entrench in Batman mayhem until we can finally take it in on the big screen once again.

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