The Dictator Movie Review

The Dictator Movie Review

The Dictator proves that there is truth to the theory that the third time is a charm; Sacha Baron Cohen’s outrageous political farce will have you rolling in the aisles of the theater just as much, if not more, than either Borat or Bruno.

Baron Cohen’s new movie tells the tale of the fictional Admiral General Aladeen, the leader of the equally fictitious North African Republic of Wadiya. Having led a life of despotic excess, much of which can be seen on his polaroid wall of fame of celebrities he has paid to get down and dirty, Aladeen makes a trip to the U.S. to try and stop NATO from airstriking his country’s nuclear weapons. While there, his uncle (Ben Kingsley) kidnaps and abandons him in order to install democracy in Wadiya. Our inapproprite hero escapes death and ends up beardless (the scandal!) and finds himself working in an organic food store run by a militant feminist (Anna Faris). Disguised as a female Wadiyan political dissident, Aladeen then plots his return to power and revenge against his traitors in Wadiya before his double can sign a new Wadiyan constitution.

The Dictator is in-your-face entertainment that roasts everyone and everything from the American political process to despots like Ahmedinejad and terrorists such as Bin Laden. Lewd and lascivious jokes and behavior abound and Aladeen has a whimsical penchant for executing those around him who displease him. At one point, he his forced to deliver a baby and upon discovering that it is a girl he declares, “where’s the trash can?”

Like Baron Cohen’s other films, The Dictator is not for the overly politically correct or the faint of heart. It is 100% raunch and 100% offensive, but it is also 100% brilliant in the way it weaves outlandish humor with social commentary. It is easily one of the top movies playing now, so if you have a soft spot for all things irreverent, make a trip to a theater near you and join in the vulgar and hilarious festivities!

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