The Dilemma Movie Review

The Dilemma Movie Review

In new movie release, Ron Howard’s “The Dilemma,” filmmakers are trying way too hard to find something funny in situations that have nothing funny about them.

There might be some funny things about a bad marriage, a spouse who cheats, a not-so-nice best friend, personality disorder, and violence. However, very dark is better than humorous – even farce works better. This new movie, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to get its own themes and falls into a situation where it’s almost a light and rude Vince Vaughn movie. And this upcoming movie is certainly not that.

If movie picture “The Dilemma” does well at all, it’s a credit to Vince Vaughn’s fan base which would go see him in a movie no matter what.

Ron Howard and writer Allan Loeb have created a movie about friends but it has a very scary undercurrent. Ronny, played by Vaughn, and Nick, played by Kevin James, have been best friends since college. They start their own motor design group. Vaughn plays the creepy salesman of the pair. He’s into aggressive, men’s humor. James does the actual work. Because they’ve been friends for so long, it doesn’t occur to James that he’s getting the worse end of the deal.

Suddenly Ronny finds out that Nick’s wife Geneva, played by Winona Ryder, is having an affair. He doesn’t know how to tell Nick, especially because Nick is sweating out a frightening business presentation.

The unfortunate thing about this movie is that both Howard and Loeb really make the nasty, nasty parts of this film look good. You expect Vince to look good at the end of a Vince Vaughn movie, but this one is really over the top.

Vaughn spends some time trailing Ryder and her boyfriend, played by a tattooed Channing Tatum, around an arboretum and develops an enormous allergic reaction to the plants. He also climbs the side of an apartment building to take photos of the two but forgets to remove the lens cap from his camera. Then he gets into a fight with Tatum that involves guns and blowtorches. Does any of this seem funny to you?

Now we add Vaughn’s addiction to gambling, a sad little side note, and you have a movie that revolves around some very serious issues that it makes trivial at every turn. There’s just nothing funny in the material.

There are some extremely talented actresses in the “The Dilemma” who are pretty much “hung out to dry.” Besides Winona Rider, there’s Jennifer Connelly (playing Vaughn’s girlfriend), and Queen Latifiah who plays an auto consultant. All of the actresses in the film are just window dressing.

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