The Expendables Movies Review

The Expendables Movies Review

This is going to be one big box office movie this summer! When it opens out on August 13, Sylvester Stallone’s fans will be mobbing the box office in the United States and in foreign markets as well.

The Expendables has the aura of a graphic novel. Its characters are boldly drawn and the actors in the movie take good advantage of this. The movie is a little silly sometimes but it’s a heady mix of spare and over the top energy and exhibits enough testosterone to set the screen on fire.

This upcoming movie is all about the good guys and the bad guys showing their on screen muscle to what will be a very appreciative audience. Stallone’s bunch is a group of mercenaries who have given up fighting for good causes and are now just in it for the money.

Members of the movies cast include Stallone who plays the leader of the pack, Barney. Lee Christmas, played by Jason Statham, is the guy who’s good with a knife and is pining a bit over a bad relationship, and Ying Yang, played by Jet Li, is the expert at combat.

Other cast members include Terry Crews who handles the big weapons and Randy Couture, a martial arts star, who is big into explaining things.

The movie opens with a bang and plenty of bodies. After that, it’s mostly about the relationships between this band of guys. There are a couple of women in the movie as well but their roles are small.

In one of the best scenes, yet another cast member, Mickey Rourke, who plays a fellow who was once an Expendable but now owns the tattoo parlor where the Expendables congregate, recollects a time in Bosnia when he lost his soul.

What gets Barney’s compassion back is a mission that involves a South American island and a former CIA member named Monroe, a character played beautifully by Eric Roberts. This fictional island is run by dictator General Garza, played by David Zayas of the show “Dexter.”

Barney first turns down the assignment because he figures, that with the general gone, The Expendables would be giving their all to save the CIA. It isn’t until he meets the general’s gorgeous daughter, played by Giselle Itie, that he changes his mind.

There’s lots of brute force in this summer movie on the new movies list and sometimes the Americans are the good guys and sometimes the bad guys. This saves a lot of political siding in the movie. There’s lots of action and violence – the bad guys even dabble in a bit of waterboarding. The long fight scenes are delivered in a graphic novel way/comic book way.

There are a couple of cameos – most notably by Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The testosterone is high in these scenes and there’s lots of male cameradery.

Sylvester Stallone is the director of "The Expendables" as well as the writer (with David Callaham).

POW! SPLAT! This testosterone homage to older guys with big biceps and missions to accomplish is a treat! Come see it light up the screen as one of the movies playing in theaters near you this summer!

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