The Fighter Movie Review

The Fighter Movie Review

In new movie release, “The Fighter”, two brothers find a way to work together to make a name for themselves in the annals of boxing history.

This new movie is the true story of “Irish” Micky Ward, a light welterweight boxer and underdog. It’s more of a drama about two blue collar brothers trying to keep together as a family while the devils of drug addiction and their parents ruthless ambition threaten to tear them apart, than it is about sports.

It’s a movie picture that is reminiscent of the movies and plays of the ‘50s which were about the plight of the hardworking middle-class.

Mark Wahlberg, producer, sees this film as a sort of a hobby project. The story is low key but don’t be mistaken, it’s an epic story. Unfortunately all of the writers and director David O. Russell, miss the boat when it comes to proving why this man’s story is worthy of a major motion picture movie.

Micky’s family will remind you a bit of the Sunday comics. Micky also does not seem able to see that his big problem is his family, not other fighters. Paramount is going to be hoping for some awards when this one of this winter’s upcoming movies opens on December 10th.

If Mark Wahlberg pushes the movie enough and critics respond with good new movie reviews, the film may be nominated for an award or two and will probably elicit a mediocre box office. One does get the feeling that the film that Wahlberg was hoping for was not the one that got made.

The opening scenes, set in Lowell Massachusetts, Ward’s hometown, shows Micky, played by Wahlberg working on a road paving crew and planning his return to boxing after some setbacks. Dickie Eklund is his older brother and is played by Christian Bale. Dickie once fought Sugar Ray Leonard and is Micky’s trainer. Unfortunately Dickie spends more time at a crack house than anywhere else. Dickie has a documentary film crew following him around and the boys’ mother Alice, played by Melissa Leo, does a poor job of arranging fights for Micky.

In the meantime, Micky meets a pretty bartender, Charlene, played by Amy Adams. They begin a relationship. Pretty soon the viewer will realize that Charlene is the only one of the film’s characters with her head on straight. Dickie is a crackhead, not a trainer and the HBO film crew is making a movie about crack addicts, not sports heroes. Alice is no good at managing her son’s career. Charlene tries to set Micky straight about his life and Dickie ends up in prison. There are also nine sisters who lie around smoking and watching TV. There is no reality whatsoever to this movie family.

It’s hard to figure out why Micky never notices any of this. For a while, Micky’s career flourishes with Charlene’s help. When Dickie gets out of prison and he and his mother want to begin working with Micky again, Micky wavers. Micky plays a level headed fighter who knows his strengths and weaknesses and he wins fights through the use of intelligent strategy.

In real life, Micky took all the shots that his family had to offer until he could bring them round. In the script, by Scott Silver, Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson, Micky’s greatest fear is failure.

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