The Green Hornet Movie Review

The Green Hornet Movie Review

Director Michel Gondry brings new movieThe Green Hornet” to theaters this weekend. Stars Seth Rogen and Jay Chou drive the Black Beauty onto the screen – a pimped out Chrysler Imperial. While the auto may be magnificent this new movie release is never going to be a box office blockbuster.

Rogen is the co-writer of the script with Evan Goldberg. These guys did a great job of trying to take an old radio show and make it fresh but it somehow just doesn’t maintain the momentum it needs to become a movie picture classic like its radio counterpart.

Because Rogen has so many fans, this upcoming movie is going to start out strong but it doesn’t have what it takes to keep going.

The Green Hornet radio serial opened on January 31, 1936 in Detroit. It was created by George W. Trendle who also created the Lone Ranger. Supposedly the Green Hornet’s alter ego, Britt Reid, was the great nephew of The Lone Ranger.

Britt was a playboy and the son of newspaper publisher James Reid. The new Britt, played by Rogen, is a slacker, as is many of Rogen’s characters. Tom Wilkinson plays Rogen’s judgmental dad who dies right after being stung by a bee. Britt then inherits all of his father’s media empire but he’d much rather just drive around in a fancy car with his father’s mechanic, Kato, who’s played by Chou.

Then they decide to play vigilantes who make believe they’re bad guys to get into the real bad guys lairs and get them with Kato’s gas gun.

Here is where the Green Hornet comes into play.

It’s not that Gondry’s direction and Rogen and Goldberg’s script don’t have some great moments. Unfortunately they also have a lot of times when the dialogue is simply commenting on what happened in the last scene.

Rogen is meant to look like a comic book hero and does, what with his recent weight loss. But he also brings a pleasant, goofy, every guy something to his role. Chou, a pop star from Taiwan, is also attractive in this one of the first new movie releases of the year but his English can be a little hard to understand.

Characters Chudnofsky, played by Christoph Waltz and Kato’s assistant, Lenore, played by Cameron Diaz, are a little hard to get a handle on as their parts are seriously underwritten.

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