The Ides of March Movie Review

The Ides of March Movie Review

Based on the play “Farragut North,” new movie releaseThe Ides of March” is a political drama that’s built like a game of chess. The story is all about how people running a political campaign must deal with the bad things that their candidate has done. The fixes seem to come in the form of threats, checks on power, and sneaky deals. It’s a surprise that George Clooney, director of this upcoming movie, has done a rather uninspired job. There’s very little tension in the movie. The stars have loads of sex appeal but Clooney doesn’t do much to make good use of it. But no matter what, “The Ides of March” is going to do well at the box office.

Ryan Gosling plays Stephen Myers, the young and sexy mastermind behind the campaign of democratic candidate Mike Morris, played by George Clooney. Clooney is much like Bill Clinton in charm and love of women. Myers is 30 and very idealistic. Paul Zara, played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman, is the one willing to look the other way when his candidate wanders into some situations he shouldn’t be in - as long as he wins. The other candidate on the democratic ticket has a campaign manager played by Paul Giametti. He’s looking for new campaign blood and wants Stephen on his team. This causes lots of problems.

Movie picture “The Ides of March” is a fast-paced show. There’s loads of energy and the new movie is chockfull of information. Viewers are going to be asked to ingest an enormous amount of political information but soon “The Ides of March” gets down to the moral part of the tale. Clooney is quite a reasonable political candidate from a Hollywood point of view. From the very beginning viewers know that politics is all about performance. Clooney is not very interested in the differences between public and private life. Clooney also cares a lot about the part of your soul that you lose when you play a part.

In “The Ides of March” it still seems like good common sense helps a candidate get elected and that the President is the representative of the integrity of a nation. It’s a good image for Americans. Democrats will prefer the first part of the movie and Republicans will prefer the second part. It’s possible though, that the only people who’ll love this movie are critics. The sexy cast is very competent and prestigious. The movie itself – well, that’s very middle-of-the-road.

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