The Kids Are All Right Movie Review

The Kids Are All Right Movie Review

The Kids Are All Right is a romantic comedy about the parenting issues of a Southern California long term lesbian couple played by Julianne Moore (Jules) and Annette Benning (Nic). Other than for the gay twist, this upcoming movie is basically an everyday romantic comedy.

Because of Lisa Choldenko’s direction and the movies cast, which is excellent, it is expected to be a reasonably good box office movie.

Jules and Nic have been together almost twenty years and have two teenagers by a sperm donor named Paul, who is played by Mark Ruffalo. The kids, Joni, played by Mia Wasikowska and Laser, played by Josh Hutcherson, have been wondering who their father is and Laser asks Joni if she can find out before she heads off to college.

Paul is a cool, calm and collected entrepreneurial type whose passions run to organic gardening and his restaurant. As soon as he gets the call from the sperm bank that his kids are looking for him, he is more than willing to meet them and they strike up a nice relationship. At first Jules and Nic don’t know that the father of their children has been found, but soon Laser mistakenly tells them.

Jules is okay that the kids know about their father buy Nic is more hesitant. After the group has lunch together, Paul offers Jules, who is starting her own landscape business, the job of taming his overgrown backyard. Pretty soon, Jules and Paul find a mutual attraction and end up in bed, both of them suffering from a big guilt complex.

Everything is okay until Nic finds out that Jules Is cheating on her with Paul. This throws the whole family into a tizzy and Paul is soon wondering where his part is in this unconventional family.

All of the actors are wonderful in their warm and eccentric comic performances, particularly Mia Wasikowska who is particularly successful playing the older of the teen siblings.

Some of the language in the movie is annoyingly Southern Cal, including the overuse of some movie quote including “I’m just sayin’” which is repeated often.

The cinematography by Igor Jadue-Lollo really brings out the beauty of the LA settings and Julie Berghoff’s production design is exceptional.

All in all, this is a pleasant and enjoyable romantic comedy with a good plot twist and a great cast. Seeing "The Kids Are All Right" is a nice way to spend a hot summer evening.

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