The Kings Speech Movie Review

The Kings Speech Movie Review

One of the most entertaining period piece films to open in years, upcoming movie ”The King’s Speech,” starring Colin firth, is full of terrific performances. Firth plays King George VI, the father of today’s Queen Elizabeth. He overcomes a terrible stutter and leads England through World War II. George is helped through his stutter by an Australian speech therapist played by Geoffrey Rush. Because of this relationship, a lifelong friendship develops between them. The story is inspiring and this new movie release will have educated viewers lining up at the box office and is also a natural for award nominations.

In this new movie, Prince Albert, played by Firth, has such a bad stutter that he’d rather hide in the shadows than be out on the world stage. Edward, played by Guy Pearce, is Albert’s brother and more than happy about all the attention he gets and appears to be the likely successor to his father, King George V, played by Michael Gambon. Then he abdicates the throne to be with his lover, Wallis Simpson. Suddenly, Albert is in the spotlight. His wife, Queen Elizabeth, played by Helena Bonham Carter, pays an unusual speech therapist from Australia, named Lionel Logue, to prepare Albert for the world stage – the radio addresses he will have to give as England goes to war. The story of this movie that’s doing so well in new movie reviews is really the story of the friendship of a man with a major handicap who is thrust onto the world stage and his friendship with a man who, through the most unusual means, teaches him how to lead during a crucial time in world history.

This well written, comedic, and touching story about friendship was directed by Tom Hopper and written by David Seidler. It’s about friendship – a subject that everyone understands and can relate to. A lot of the success of this film is the casting, particularly that of Firth and Rush who are an amazing team. Firth proves himself to be among the best, or the best, British actor today, having distinguished himself last year in Oscar nominated “A Single Man.” He never makes his character in “The King’s Speech” seem silly. Rush is perfect in his part of the speech therapist, who treats his famous student just as he treats all the rest of his students, demanding that they be on a first name basis.

The performances by Firth and Rush are the best of this year or any year. They are ably supported by Timothy Spall as Churchill, Bonham Carter, Derek Jacobi as Dr. Cosmo Lang, and Jennifer Ehle as Logue’s wife.

The King’s Speech” is one of the top ten movies of the year – maybe of any year.

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