The Last Exorcism Movie Review

The Last Exorcism Movie Review

The “Last Exorcism” is another one of those creepy horror movies that’s been filmed with a handheld video camera like “The Blair Witch Project”. It’s a fake documentary, and a psychological thriller told backwoods style. The performances improve this upcoming movie, which would have been the butt of some horrific movie ratings and reviews otherwise.

When a con artist preacher practices exorcism on a teenage girl who appears to be possessed, filming it with his video camera, he gets more than he expected, making the movie pretty scary until the last scene ruins it all. The fact that all of the stars of the film are unknown actors keeps the “realism” of “The Last Exorcism” alive. However, it’s unsure whether this movie will cause its preferred demographic – young males – running to the theaters to see it, thereby elevating the movies reviews.

Writers Andrew Gurland and Huck Botko have borrowed much of their material from a 1972 documentary about an evangelical preacher for their character Cotton Marcus, played by Patrick Fabian.

In the movie, Marcus has been performing exorcisms since childhood and is ready to expose his fakery, via the film he’s hoping to produce with his video camera. When Marcus and his crew show up in Louisiana at the rural home of a possessed teenager, beautifully played by Ashley Bell, and her religious fundamentalist father, played by Louis Herthum, things get out of hand.

There are lots of uncomfortably award moments but director Daniel Stamm does a great job keeping the atmosphere of this new movie release taut until the end.

It’s the actor’s performances that make this film. As mentioned before, the movie is pretty good until the ridiculous last scenes.

There was lots of money saved in the filming of this movie by keeping special effects to a minimum and more traditional thrills and chills to a maximum. The camera work, done by Zoltan Honti and the orchestration by Nathan Burr does much to keep the audience on the edges of their seats.

This film on the new movies list is rated PG-13 and runs for 88 minutes.

The Last Exorcism is good for some chills on a hot summer day.

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